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   Accident Technology provides a wide variety of services in order to piece together how an accident truly happened.

   We use state of the art laser systems coupled with advanced computer modeling and over 30 years of accident

   reconstruction experience. These services include:


A Systematic Analysis:

   - Detailed total station scale mapping of the accident site, including pinpointing of surface marks attributed to the dynamics.

   - Scale photographs

   - Crash analysis, simulation and computer animation of accident dynamics

   - 2D scale diagramming, Modeling, Full motion video for multidimensional multi-vehicle reconstruction simulation

   - 3D scale diagramming, Modeling, Full motion video for multidimensional multi-vehicle reconstruction simulation

   - Computerized analysis of roadway frictions

   - Detailed analysis of involved vehicles, including aerial photographs and crush profiles

   - Mechanical failures and component failure analysis

   - Review of all investigatory materials

   - Crash data recorder download & crash data recorder interpretation

   - Collision analysis

   - Accident avoidance

   - Accident collision analysis

   - Vehicle dynamics

   - Speed analysis

   - Time-distance analysis

   - Point-of-impact determination

   - Vehicle systems and components examinations

   - Lamp analysis

   - Driver identification and kinematics

   - Restraint usage and performance

   - Computerized vehicle dynamics analysis

   - Federal motor vehicle safety standards compliance identification

   - Accident site examination and evidence collection

   - Evidence storage

   - Research into files, documents, standards, policy issuances of technical reference libraries.



On Site Roadway Inspections: Site Mapping

Accident Technology uses advanced equipment to map your sites. By using a laser-based, reflectorless mapping station, accident sites can be documented to within 1/4 inch at a distance of 1000 feet. An onboard data collector allows our experts to view the site drawing as it is being measured to help ensure accuracy and completeness.

Rendering-After a site is mapped, the data collector is downloaded and a scale drawing is rendered using Vista Fx3 or ARAS HD depending on the circumstances.

Printing-The scale site maps can be printed at any size or specifications.

Benefits-An accurately reproduced scale site map is vital to any accident reconstruction. The top down view of the site allows for accurate distances, slopes, and angles to be derived. The scale drawing can be used as demonstrative evidence, and is a necessary foundation for simulations and animations. Our experts have performed over 8,000 mappings of crash scenes.These mappings can be in 2D and now 3D.








Vehicle Inspections: Vehicle Damage Mapping

Accident Technology uses advanced techniques in order to observe, document, and interpret the crash profile of any vehicle.

A scale diagram will be designed in the computer in order to analyze crush, crush angle, maximum engagement, etc. This paired with the site

roadway inspection will render a clear Point of Impact (POI) and crash dynamic.

Rendering-After the vehicle crush is measured it is drawn in the computer utilizing using Vista Fx3 or ARAS HD, depending on the circumstances.

Benefits- These accurately reproduced vehicle models paired with a proper crush profile will answer many

questions as to the dynamics of the crash. The top down view as well as the side and

undercarriage views will be utilized to properly place the vehicle at the point of impact. Our experts have

mapped the crush profile of over 10,000 vehicles.







Crash Data Recorder Download : the "Black Box"

The Crash Data Recorder, also known as the Event Data Recorder is supported by Crash Data Retrieval Software in many highway vehicles today. Although some CDRs are not publicly accessible, ATI has the training, access or equipment needed to safely gather and evaluate data from all manufacturers that allow access to the data. This includes heavy trucks equipped with Detroit Diesel/Mercedes, Cummins, and Caterpillar engines and passenger cars manufactured by General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

Joe Atherton is a certified CDR Technician Level I and Analyst Level II. ATI has expertise in both extracting event data as well as interpreting the data in relation to the events. You want relevant information from the abundance of data contained in an ECM data recorder such as speed, engine rpm, cruise control status, brake status, and fault code information. Many Commercial vehicles are equipped with technology that will recall the events of the crash. Experts are required to correctly extract this information. ATI creates value for their clients by obtaining accurate data downloads for commercially available event data recorder and the ability to relate that data to the events of the accident.  











***************FREE Presentations***************

Accident Technology Inc. always looks for opportunities to help others learn and advance their skills.

We will come to your area and give a FREE presentation outlining the basics of Accident Reconstruction.

We want to be able to give you the tools to answer the easy questions for yourself, thus saving you and

your company money. We do this because we are COMMITTED to helping the people we work with. So give us a call and we

would be happy to come give you and anyone else in your office a presentation for free.  

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